A Short Intro On Cuckolding

So imagine there’s a couple they love and they respect each other – they’re like most couples in their daily lives – but on occasion, the man will sit in the corner of their bedroom and watch while his wife or girlfriend has sex with another man… and he masturbates while he watches.

So, cuckoldry is this old-ass term for a wife’s infidelity, but a cockolding fetish is when a man is aroused watching his woman with these other dudes – and these other dude’s are called bulls in the cuckolding forums online. It probably symbolizes the fact that most cuckolds prefer to find lovers for their wives that are really well endowed and muscular and symbolic of extreme masculinity.

The guys with this fetish are referred to as cucks or hotwifers. The cucks are the guys that are more the masochists – they’re the ones who enjoy feeling the shame and humiliation that comes from watching their wife be with someone else – whereas the hotwifers are just the guys who think their wives are hot and want to share them and it turns them on to see their wives with other people.

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So you might be asking why on planet earth would any guy get off on this when I’m sitting over here and that’s like my worst fear that my girl will be cheating on me or be with another man. There are some theories.

One biological theory is ‘sperm competition’ . It holds that men get aroused if their sperm have to compete with another man’s sperm. These men not only get excited if other men are vying for her eggs but they want to watch it. It’s been noted (and this is interesting) that this is a rising fetish in academic circles, that apparently there’s a link to a high I.Q. with this fetish and some people have hypothesised that it’s because that the link to a higher I.Q. might be because it takes an emotionally and intellectually evolved man to shun the idea that he owns his wife and to shun the assumption that anger should be the natural response to seeing his wife with somebody else.

It’s important to note that a cuckolding fetish doesn’t usually involve any deception – it’s not actually cheating. He’s aware of it. He sets it up. She’s aware you know she’s involved and it’s a mutual thing. Cuckolding fetishes shouldn’t be confused with open relationships or swinging or wife swapping or any of that. In an open relationship both both people in the couple date other people and they have romantic and sexual relationships with other people. This is different. This is just the man watching his wife with another man. It’s different from threesomes because most cucks don’t actually participate. They just want to watch and it’s different from wife swapping because cuckolds don’t usually have sex with other women.

The female version of a cuckold is called a cuckquean. So this is fascinating because it goes against what a lot of people think is in our nature.The assumption is that we should be possessive and feel rage or jealous when our mate strays .And that is natural and understandable. On the other hand, how much of that you environmentally influenced how much of that is just based on a social construct rather than what we innately feel as humans. It’s also fascinating because, I think, a lot of people have a hard time wrapping their head around anything they don’t themselves naturally feel so when they hear that somebody else is the opposite they’re like “Wait what? How did that happen?” .

And I think it’s our duty as people, as a culture, to do our best to understand each other. These are couples that willingly do these activities in the privacy of their home and if it’s something that they enjoy and it’s not hurting someone else who are we to judge.

Whether or not you can characterize a cuckolding relationship as healthy depends on to what degree it’s necessary in your life and how your partner feels about it. I suppose you could say it’s an unhealthy practice if your partner is against it and feels too pressured or coerced in order to keep you. If it’s something that controls your life – that can be unhealthy.

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